Dorel Lucanu

In this paper we investigate the possibilities to obtain complete axiomatizations for categories of symmetries. The key point consists in associating a rewrite theory $\calR(\S,E)$ with the equational specification by turning the equations into rewrite rules.  The elegant construction of the free $\calR$-grupoid given in \cite{concrew} provides already an axiomatization of the free $(\S,E)$-system (the non-coherent category of symmetries). The problem of finding axioms which expresses the commutativity  of the diagrams still remains. We show that if equations $E$, viewed as rewrite rules, form a convergent (confluent and terminating) rewriting system then these axioms are obtained by computing all critical pairs. Each confluent rewriting generated by a critical pair produce an equation. The set of all equations obtained in this way forms a specification of the commutative diagrams.  The method can be generalized to the case when $E$ is convergent modulo a theory $T$.

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