Gabriel Ciobanu, Vladimir Zakharov

The mobile ambient paradigm of mobile computations is very expressive andallows various embeddings into it of other models of computations such asTuring machine, the lambda-calculus, and the pi-calculus. In this paper wedemonstrate that we have a closer relationship between mobile ambients andthe pi-calculus. We present an embedding of pure mobile ambients into afragment of the pi-calculus, namely the localized sum-free synchronousmonadic pi-calculus with matching and mismatching. The embedding isachieved by associating a pair of localized pi-terms Structure_A and Rulerto every mobile ambient A. Structure_A simulates the spatial structure ofA by means of communication channels. Ruler is a universal pi-processintended to simulate the operational semantics of the mobile ambients.This embedding of pure mobile ambients into a subset of the pi-calculusopens new ways to the analysis of ambients by means of techniques used inthe pi-calculus.

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