Instructions for authors

The FII TR series is open for all researchers affiliated with FII, or the departments that belong to FII. There is no particular review process for the publications. However, each report has to be approved by the leader of the research group in which the work has been done, or by a professor of a department belonging to FII.

Submitting a paper for publication

  • Papers should be written in English using TeX or LaTeX (can use the provided template or your own format);
  • Submit your manuscript electronically (in form of .pdf file) using the mail;
  • The report administrator together with a faculty professor will then verify the information that you provided, and in case of acceptance, will assign a TR number to your request and publish the report into the archive;
  • Upon acceptance the report will be published also on


All TRs from FII are accessible on the World Wide Web. A small number of hardcopy reprints are also made, but the World Wide Web is considered to be the main distribution media.


FII does not claim any copyright for the technical reports. The author keeps the full copyright for the paper, and is thus free to transfer the copyright to a publisher if the paper is accepted for publication elsewhere. When a technical report is submitted for publication elsewhere, a notice about this will be added to the electronically distributed version. When a technical report is published elsewhere, the electronically distributed version will be replaced by a reference to the published version.