Volume XXIX, Issue 2, 2019

Program Algebra for Turing-Machine Programs, pages 113-139

Authors: J.A. Bergstra, C.A. Middelburg

Generalising KAT to Verify Weighted Computations, pages 141-184

Authors: L. Gomes, A. Madeira, L.S. Barbosa

Identifying and Querying Regularly Visited Places, pages 185-201

Authors: A.G. Rudi

Volume XXIX, Issue 1, 2019

Adams Conditioning and Likelihood Ratio Transfer Mediated Inference, pages 1–58

Authors: J.A. Bergstra

Weighted Context-Free Grammars Over Bimonoids, pages 59–80

Authors: G. Rahonis, F. Torpari

Enumerating Collinear Points in Higher Dimensions, pages 81–100

Authors: A.G. Rudi, R.A. Rufai

On the Relationship Between Matiyasevich’s and Smoryński’s Theorems, pages 101–111

Authors: A. Peszek, A. Tyszka