Published in Volume XXI, Issue 2, 2011, pages 199-225

Authors: J. Kleijn, M. Koutny, G. Rozenberg


Petri nets are a general and well-established model of concurrent and
distributed computation and behaviour, including that taking place in
biological systems. In this survey paper, we are concerned with intrinsic relationships between Petri nets and two formal models inspired by
aspects of the functioning of the living cell: membrane systems and
reaction systems. In particular, we are interested in the benefits that
can result from establishing strong semantical links between Petri nets
and membrane systems and reaction systems. We first discuss Petri
nets with localities reflecting the compartmentalisation modelled in
membrane systems. Then special attention is given to set-nets, a new
Petri net model for reaction systems and their qualitative approach to
the investigation of the processes carried out by biochemical reactions
taking place in the living cell.

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