Published in Volume XV, 2005, pages 57-76

Authors: Gabriel CIOBANU, Janardan MISHRA


Fusion calculus is introduced by J. Parrow and B. Victor in \cite{FC98} as a calculus of concurrency. Unlike $pi$-calculus, fusion calculus has symmetrical input and output actions, and only one type of scope binding along with a new kind of fusion action. In this paper, we consider probabilistic extensions to fusion calculus in two different directions. First kind of extension is along the lines of classical emph{actiontiming} based stochastic process algebras, where we consider Markovian time distributions on fusion actions, derived from the timings of input-output processes as well as other participating processes in the environment. Second kind of extension is a novel approach dealing with possible incomplete effects of fusion actions. We propose syntactical and semantical extensions in each case. We extend the existing axiomatic system for fusion calculus to determine probabilistic bisimilarity congruences defined for finite processes in both the cases. Finally we present probabilistic fusion as a measure of reliability in network security.


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