Published in Volume XVIII, 2008, pages 63-98

Authors: M. Dezani-Ciancaglini, P. Giannini and O. Nierstrasz


The demands of developing modern, highly dynamic applications
have led to an increasing interest in dynamic programming languages
and mechanisms. Not only must applications evolve over time, but
the object models themselves may need to be adapted to the requirements
of different run-time contexts. Class-based models and
prototype-based models, for example, may need to co-exist to meet the
demands of dynamically evolving applications. Multi-dimensional dispatch,
fine-grained and dynamic software composition, and run-time
evolution of behaviour are further examples of diverse mechanisms
which may need to co-exist in a dynamically evolving run-time environment.
How can we model the semantics of these highly dynamic
features, yet still offer some reasonable safety guarantees?

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