The main features of Software Engineering include:

  • use of engineering principles and methods in order to obtain viable software products, capable of functioning on real systems;
  • applying the basic principles of computer science and mathematics in order to find correct and cost efficient solutions to software problems;
  • a systematic, orderly and quantifiable approach to the development, mantainance and operations of the software products.

Based on solid elements of mathematics and computer science, software engineering aims at systematic developing and roboust techniques for producinG high quality software systems.

The Master of Software Engineering was founded in 2005. The main objective of this master program is to train specialists capable of starting an engineering activity in the field of software systems. In order to achieve this objective, the master offers the opportunity to get the theoretical foundations and practical skills to be able to clearly understand the concepts that define the domain of the problem, to master general and specific approaches, to base their decisions on quantitative data and to avoid the use of simplistic models or unverified formula.

The graduates of the Master in Sofware Engineering will be able to work in software development companies and departments all over the world, being fully equiped to acceed to high professional positions inside these companies. They also can follow a research carrer or an academic carrer.

The curricula of the master focuses on elements of analysis and design, advanced programming technics, on the quality of software systems, on the project team work, as well as on communication elements, economic engineering and project management.

Study Plan 2022-2023