The Master in Computational Linguistics was founded in 2001, in collaboration with the Faculty of Letters from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, and it aims at training graduates from the computer science and philological areas in order to deepen and complement their common knowledge in the two fields. The computational linguistics is an inter-disciplinary domain situated at the junction of Computer Science and Linguistic. Computational linguistics has emerged in the 60’s, proposing the use of the computer as a tool for investigating language.

Two related fields have developed in parallel: Natural Language Processing, a sub-domain of Artificial Intelligence which intends to create programs for the processing of natural language and Human Language Technologies, a field of Software Engineering centered on the development of practical systems involving the processing of human language.

The master in Computational Linguistics combines basic knowledge of computer science and philology with specific elements from the mentioned fields, offering students both general and specific knowledge and competencies/qualifications as well as the development of cognitive skills in related inter-disciplinary domains.

Study Plan 2024-2025