The main objective of the Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Science is the development of advanced skills in conducting independent research so that the graduates will be able to demonstrate that they have specialized knowledge to contribute to the existing research studies. It is expected that most graduates of the Master of Advanced Studies in Computer Science will continue their research work in doctoral studies.

The selection of candidates is a very demanding one and is based on a presentation of a research plan under the guidance of a teacher. During the studies, careful monitoring of the activity of these students by the tutor teacher is carried out, and, at the end of each semester, there is a presentation session in which the master students present their results. In order to carry out the proposed research plan, a master student has the freedom to choose the most appropriate disciplines of all those taught at all master’s modules or in the doctoral school within the faculty.

The internship lab together with the scholarship system, especially the grants offered by the companies, are means by which financial support is given to the students from this master, in order to allow them to dedicate all the time to the study and research.

Study Plan 2020-2021