Within the Faculty of Computer Science, a Doctoral School is functioning, coordinated by a Doctoral School Council.

Doctoral School Council:

  • Professor Dan Cristea, PhD, director
  • Professor Henri Luchian, PhD, member
  • Paul Diac, PhD Student, member
  • Profesor Dan Simovici, PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston, external member

Supervisors and their research interest topics

Professor Dan Cristea

  • Human Language Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence

Associate professor Lenuța Alboaie

  • Distributed systems
    • Network applications (e.g., p2p networks, distributed file systems, distributed data processing systems)
    • Cloud Computing (cloud paradigms and patterns, cloud design, implementation, and cloud verification
    • techniques, aspects of orchestration and service choreography in distributed systems)
    • Distributed Systems Applications (e.g. smart / green / resilient / digital / circular cities)

Professor Catalin Dima

  • Timed and Hybrid Systems

Professor Dorel Lucanu

  • Formal Methods Applied in Software Engineering and Programming Language Semantics (see k-framework.org as a starting point): static analysis, program verification, program equivalence, model-checking, formal definitions of real-world programming languages, program logics, rewriting logic

Professor Henri Luchian

  • Evolutionary Computing

Researcher Gabriel Ciobanu

  • Formal Methods in Distributed Systems
    • Process Algebrae and Concurrent Systems
    • Operational and Denotational Semantics
    • Temporal Logics, Automatic Verification
  • Nature-inspired Computing
    • Membrane Systems; Natural Computing
The list of the FII Doctoral Student Graduates starting with 2005

Admission 2016

For more details regarding the admission policy, including the calendar, see the UAIC Doctorat 2016 page.

Examination Program for FII:

  • written test: Monday 12.09.2016, hour 8:30
  • interview: Monday 12.09.2016, starting with 9:30.
Open PhD Student positions:

Funded by Romanian government (only for Romanian citizens):

  • full time with MECS grant: 2
  • full time with UAIC grant: 1
  • part time: 2


  • full time: 0
  • part time: 5

Please contact the supervisors for more info regarding the research topics for the open positions.

  • Admission: 200 Lei
  • Scholarship: 6000 Lei

For more details regarding the organization of the Doctoral Studies at UAIC, please address to the Department of Doctoral Studies.