All foreign candidates are invited to read the page dedicated to the admission of international students at the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University.

The citizens of EU states, EEA states, Switzerland, and the U.K. can participate in the admission contest just like Romanian candidates, so they should read all information published below.

The citizens of non-EU countries must contact the International Relations department of the university and comply with the requirements described at the address mentioned above.

Study programs in English

  • Computer Science

Read the contents of the study program in Computer Science and the information provided by the site Admission at UAIC (in Romanian).

Information regarding the admission contest – July 2024


Application period : July 15-20

Candidate selection and result display: July 22-27

The precise date when the written test will be carried out will be published later in this page.


The candidates will carry out a written test in either Informatics or Mathematics, by their choice. The subjects for the written test will be similar to the ones from the the high school graduation exam. The level is (according to the Romanian system) M1 for Mathematics and Intensive Informatics for Informatics, respectively.


  • To the attention of the candidates who choose to carry out the test in Informatics: the code parts must be written in C/C++. It is not allowed to use any other language. Where pseudocode will be used, that will be mentioned explicitly.

The admission result will be computed as below:

  • 50% – the result of the written test
  • 25% – the highest of the following grades
    • the result of the test in Informatics or Mathematics (by the candidate’s choice) achieved at the high school graduation exam
    • the result of the written test
  • 25% – the average of the high school graduation exam

The candidates whose official study language in high school was not English must also go through an interview where they will have to prove their English proficiency.

If two or more candidates have the same admission result, the ordering criteria are (in decreasing order of priority):

  1. the non-truncated admission result
  2. the result of the written test
  3. the average of the high school graduation exam

The written test

Detailed information regarding the written test, including the date an hour, will be published at the beginning of the application period.

The information below is only meant to provide a general idea (as it is based on the experience of the previous years) and may later go through some changes:

  • Before the written test will be published the assignment of the candidates to the test rooms, the entry hour in the test rooms, and the start hour of the test.
  • The duration of the written test will be 3 hours.
  • At the beginning of the test, each candidate will receive the subjects for both disciplines: Informatics and Mathematics. Each candidate will choose, during the first 30 minutes of the test, the discipline for which he/she will solve the subjects, then the subjects for the discipline that was not chosen by the candidate will be disposed. Attention: these first 30 minutes are part of the duration of the test; the 3 hourse of the test begin when the candidates have received the subjects. Also, the evaluation of each theses will not consider any solution of a subject from the discipline that was not chosen by the candidate.


  • Application fee: 400 RON
  • Education fee (for the students who are admitted as tax payers): 3600 RON

More details regarding the means of paying the application fee will be published at the beginning of the application period.

Attention: The candidates who apply to multiple study programs (either within the same university or in different universities) must pay a separate application fee for each study program.


Documents required
  • High school graduation diploma achieved in Romania, or a recognition certificate issued by CNRED for the studies carried out outside Romania
    • If a candidate does not bring the original diploma, he/she must bring a legal copy of it and a certificate issued by the faculty where the original documents are located
  • The transcript of records from high school – original and photocopy
  • Passport – original and photocopy
  • Birth certificate – original and photocopy
  • Marriage certificate or any document that certifies the name change of the candidate (if there has been a name change) – original and photocopy
  • Standard medical certificate issued within the past 6 months, specifying the candidate’s medical condition (whether he/ she is registered as a patient with chronic diseases, and what diseases they are, if any)
  • Three identity card photos (2/2.5)
  • Signed agreement for personal information processing (Annex IV – in Romanian)
  • Receipt of the registration fee

For all points above where it is mentioned that the candidate must bring both the original document and a photocopy, the original document is only necessary to certify the correctness of the photocopy, and will be immediately returned to the candidate.

Physical vs. online application

The application will be possible either online ( or physically. The Faculty of Computer Science strongly encourages the candidates to apply online, for multiple reasons:

  • Because all activities related to the admission process will be carried out through the integrated application for admission management, a candidate who applies physically will still have to go through al the steps of online application: filling the personale date on the platform; uploading the scanned documents on the platform.
  • Online application can be done at any moment during the application period, while physical application is limited by the working program of the faculty.
  • In the case of physical application, the high school graduation diloma and the high school transcript of records must be brought in original. In the case of online application, the original documents will need to be brought only by the candidates who have been declared admitted, during the later phase when they have to confirm the place they have earned.
  • Physical application does not free the candidate, in case he/she has been declared admitted, from the obligation to later come to the faculty in order to confirm the place he/she has earned.

For the candidates who apply online, the documents listed above must uploaded as scanned copies. In this case, the original documents must be brought (original and photocopy, as mentioned above) when the candidates who have been declared admitted to confirm the places they have earned.

The subjects of the written test, July 2023

Contact information

The admission committee of the Faculty of Computer Science (the address will be active during the admission period):