A. I. Cuza University of Iaşi

Admission 2018

Undergraduate level (Romanian only)
Masters level (Romanian only)
Doctoral level (Romanian only)

Admission for Foreign Candidates


The applicants for undergraduate must have at least a baccalaureate or equivalent diploma with a good level at math module. Although a minimum knowledge in using a computer is recommended, no prior experience in programming is required.

The applicants are required to supply a signed statement that in the country that emitted the certificate of studies they are entitled to enroll in studies equivalent to the university level. This document should also include the recognition that in case this statement is proved out of support, the student will admit being expelled without invoking the already paid taxes.


All students are required to achieve a minimum level of competence in Romanian before enrolling the courses. Applicants must certify their proficiency in Romanian by passing a test organized by the University.

Romanian Language Unit: To help you meet this requirement, the University offers a one-year course on Romanian. During this course you can also improve your math skills at the level required in the 1st year or attend an introductory course in computer science. The graduation of this course will certificate your proficiency in Romanian and no other test is required.

For further information, please visit the International Students section of the UAIC Website.

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