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Algebraic Foundations of Computer Science

Course nameAlgebraic Foundations of Computer Science CodeCS1209
Class Undergraduate, 2011 - 2014
Level Licenţă Year 1 Semester 2 Status Compulsory
Hours per weekTotal hours per semesterTotal hours of individual workCreditsEvaluation typeTeaching language
2 2 0 0 56 94 5 E ro
Taught byAcademic and scientific title, name
Required courses
ObjectivesThe course deals with those topics from mathematics that have proven to be particularly relevant to students in computer science.
General thematicsThe course covers basic elements on set theory (sets, relations and functions, induction and recursion), partially ordered sets (posets, lattices), number theory (divisibility, prime numbers, congruences), semigroups and monoids, groups, rings, vector spaces and linear mappings. Relevant applications of each chapter of the course to computer science, are disccused.
Seminary / Laboratory thematicsSeminars and laborators are grouped around the chapter currently discused in the course. They are aimed to illustrate the topics of the chapter mainly by practical applications.
Teaching methodsOn-line and blackboard presentation.
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  5. F.L. Tiplea. Introduction to Set Theory, "Al.I.Cuza" University Press, 1998.
modes6 homeworks and a final exam
formula60% from the homeworks and 40% from the final exam

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