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Object Oriented Programming

Course nameObject Oriented Programming CodeCS1207
Class Undergraduate, 2011 - 2014
Level Licenţă Year 1 Semester 2 Status Compulsory
Hours per weekTotal hours per semesterTotal hours of individual workCreditsEvaluation typeTeaching language
2 0 2 0 56 94 5 E ro
Taught byAcademic and scientific title, name
Professor, PhD, Dorel Lucanu
Professor, PhD, Gheorghe Grigoraş
Required courses
ObjectivesBasic skills in object oriented programming (OOP) and in using the C++ programming language.
General thematicsConcepts and principles of OOP: object, classes, hierarchies of classes, polymorphism, abstract classes, interfaces, parameterized classes, case studies. C++ (ISO Standard): description of the classes and their objects in C++, derivation in C++ and class hierarchies, C++ virtual functions and (dynamic) polymorphism, templates, standard template library (STL).
Seminary / Laboratory thematicsIntroduction to C++ classes. From C to C++. Advanced classes. Inheritance and polymorphism. Templates and parameterized classes. STL.
Teaching methodsVideo projector.
  1. Herbert Schildt: C++ Manual Complet, Bucuresti, Ed. Teora, 2000.
  2. D. Kaler, M.J. Tobler, J. Valter: C++, Teora, 2000.
  3. Bjarne Stroustrup: The C++ Programming Language, Adisson-Wesley, 3nd edition, 1997.
  4. Stanley B. Lippman: C++ Primer, Addison Wesley, 1992.
EvaluationconditionsLaboratory Activity (AL), Written Tests (TS)
criteriasAL ≥ 6, TS ≥ 4
modesAL: each topic is evaluated with a mark between 1 and 10.

TS: 2 written tests (weeks 7, 13), each test including 8 questions and a problem.

formulaFinal Mark = 40% AL +50% TS

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