Scientific Annals of Computer Science

"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iaşi

Volume XXI, Issue 1, 2011

Concurrency and Interaction in Complex Systems, pages 1-4
S. Ben Mokhtar, S. Bliudze, R. Bruni, A. Silva, A. Troina
Abstract | BibTeX | Full text (PDF)

Desynchronizability of (Partial) Synchronous Closed Loop Systems, pages 5-38
H. Beohar, P. Cuijpers
Abstract | BibTeX | Full text (PDF)

Modular Verification of Interactive Systems with an Application to Biology, pages 39-72
P. Drabik, A. Maggiolo-Schettini, P. Milazzo
Abstract | BibTeX | Full text (PDF)

Programming in Biomolecular Computation: Programs, Self-Interpretation and Visualisation, pages 73-106
L. Hartmann, N.D. Jones, J.G. Simonsen, S.B. Vrist
Abstract | BibTeX | Full text (PDF)

Designing, Capturing and Validating History-Sensitive Security Policies for Distributed Systems, pages 107-149
A.M. Hernandez, F. Nielson, H. Riis-Nielson
Abstract | BibTeX | Full text (PDF)

An SCA-based Approach for Social and Pervasive Communications in Home Environments, pages 151-173
R. Melisson, D. Romero, R. Rouvoy, L. Seinturier
Abstract | BibTeX | Full text (PDF)

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