Scientific Annals of Computer Science

"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iaşi

Volume XVI, 2006

New Editorial Team., pages 3-4
Gabriel Ciobanu
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Secrecy for Security Protocols., pages 5-38
Cătălin Bîrjoveanu
Abstract | BibTeX

Algorithms for Optimally Computing in-line Visibility and Their Applications., pages 39-50
Mirel Coşulschi and Mihaela Sterpu
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A Cardinality Inverse Maximum Flow Problem., pages 51-62
Adrian Deaconu
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Secret Sharing Schemes with Applications in Security Protocols., pages 63-96
Sorin Iftene
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Solving Optimization Problems using an ACS-based Approach., pages 97-107
Camelia M. Pintea and Gabriel Negara
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